Hi, my name is Ulrich Vogel, and this is my personal blog! I am mainly using this page to make my Ph.D. thesis available to the public, so don’t expect frequent updates at the moment. If you are interested in topics and fields such as Operations Research, vehicle routing problems, and heuristics, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Ulrich, you did a great job in the thesis!
    BTW, is the sources or a build of the framework publicly available somewhere? I’m at the very beginning in studying of VRP, so c# implementation of the framework might be helpful for me.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Andrei! I’m not planning to distribute the code of the framework; but if you have some specific questions on implementation, please let me know! Anyway, it is always helpful to make experiments with own implementations first to get a good feeling how heuristics work. For next steps, I think that there are some open source VRP implementations available, which also should be documented better than my own one.

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