This is a list of publications in the vehicle routing area that I was involved in during my time working as a Research Assistant at WINFORS (University of Cologne). In my Ph.D thesis I have proposed a flexible framework to facilitate and accelerate the development of custom metaheuristics for the solution of a broad range of rich VRPs. The single articles cover metaheuristics for specific vehicle routing problems.

Ph.D thesis

Vogel, U. (2012). A flexible metaheuristic framework for solving rich vehicle routing problems. PhD thesis, University of Cologne, Germany.


International journals

  • Derigs, U. and Vogel, U. (2014). Experience with a framework for developing heuristics for solving rich vehicle routing problems. Journal of Heuristics, 20(1):75-106. (
  • Derigs, U., Pullmann, M., and Vogel, U. (2013). Truck and trailer routing – problems, heuristics and computational experience. Computers and Operations Research, 40:536–546. (
  • Derigs, U., Pullmann, M., and Vogel, U. (2013). A short note on applying a simple LS/LNS-based metaheuristic to the rollon-rolloff vehicle routing problem. Computers and Operations Research, 40:867–872. (
  • Derigs, U., Gronalt, M., Hirsch, P., Oberscheider, M., Pullmann, M., and Vogel, U. (2012). Multilevel neighborhood search for solving full truckload routing problems arising in timber transportation. Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 39:281–288. (
  • Derigs, U., Kurowsky, R., and Vogel, U. (2011). Solving a real-world vehicle routing problem with multiple use of tractors and trailers and EU-regulations for drivers arising in air cargo road feeder services. European Journal of Operational Research, 213(1):309–319. (
  • Derigs, U., Gottlieb, J., Kalkoff, J., Piesche, M., Rothlauf, F., and Vogel, U. (2011). Vehicle routing with compartments: applications, modelling and heuristics. OR Spectrum, 33:885–914. (
  • Bartodziej, P., Derigs, U., and Vogel, U. (2010). On the potentials of parallelizing large neighbourhood search for rich vehicle routing problems. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6073:216–219. (
  • Derigs, U., Li, B., and Vogel, U. (2010). Local search-based metaheuristics for the split delivery vehicle routing problem. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 61:1356–1364. (
  • Derigs, U. and Vogel, U. (2009). A computational study on neighborhood search heuristics for the open vehicle routing problem with time windows. In Proceedings of the 8th Metaheuristic International Conference (MIC 2009), pages 109–122.
  • Bartodziej, P., Derigs, U., Malcherek, D., and Vogel, U. (2009). Models and algorithms for solving combined vehicle and crew scheduling problems with rest constraints: an application to road feeder service planning in air cargo transportation. OR Spectrum, 31(2):405–429. (

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